Rediscover California’s Famous Railroad by Playing this Ocean Shore Railroad Quiz

Iris | 30 - 09 - 2020

Have you traveled in the most frightening ghost rail? The Ocean Shore railroad is an incomplete rail route operated along the Pacific coastline in California. It was also known as  Ocean Shore electric railway. Trivia Sharp is here to give you the unknown historical facts about the railroad through the Ocean Shore Railroad quiz

1. What Was the Name of the First Railroad in California?

2. When Was the Construction of the Railroad Began?

3. Name the Starting and Ending Point of the Ocean Shore Railroad?

4. Due to Which Disaster the Construction Was Stopped?

5. When Was the Construction Resumed?

6. What Was the Name of the Famous Roadway Tunnel Located at Devil’s Slide?

7. Name the Car Lastly Purchased by the Ocean Shore Railroad?

8. How Long Will It Take to Travel From San Francisco to Salada Beach?

9. What Was the Name of the Beach Near the Natural Lagoon?

10. Who Gifted a Very Valuable Turkish Rug to San Francisco Mayor?