Can You Score 15/15 in Our State Symbols of Colorado Quiz?

Emma | 26 - 05 - 2021

Colorado is famous for having the world’s largest natural hot springs swimming pool and the state symbols. Colorado has lots of official symbols which have been adopted by lawmakers over years. These symbols are not just symbols, and they represent the state’s history, wildlife, industry, and pride. Colorado is one of the most beautiful states in America and has a history of 145 years. We have clubbed some 15 interesting symbols of Colorado. Play our state symbols of Colorado quiz to know more interesting and exciting facts about the Centennial state.  

1. What Is the Motto of Colorado?

2. What Is the Nickname of Colorado State?

3. What Is the State Slogan for Colorado?

4. Name the Colorado State Amphibian

5. What Is the State Bird of Colorado?

6. Name the State Cactus of Colorado Claret Cup Cactus

7. Name the Colorado State Fish

8. What Is the State Flower of Colorado?

9. What Is the Official Insect of Colorado?

10. What Is the State Mammal of Colorado?

11. Name the Colorado’s State Pet

12. What Is the State Reptile of Colorado?

13. Name the Colorado’s State Tree

14. What Is the Official Gemstone of Colorado?

15. Name the Colorado State Mineral