Central City Colorado Trivia Quiz For You!

Ashley | 08 - 05 - 2021

Do you know about these famous Central City Colorado history and facts? Play this fun and interesting central city Colorado trivia quiz curated for you to know about Colorado Central City facts in the most informative way possible.

From history to the current Mayor, here is everything you should know about Central City, Colorado, as of 2021. Play the quiz to see whether you got the correct answers or not!

1. When Was Central City Colorado Founded?

2. How Many Casinos Are in Central City?

3. Which Resource Was Discovered in Central City, Colorado?

4. How Did the Central City Get Its Name?

5. Who Is the Mayor of Central City Colorado in 2021?

6. Which Is the Famous Gold Mine in Central City Colorado?

7. Does the Central City Opera House Have a Motto?

8. The Gilpin History Museum Was a _______

9. Which Is The Only Operating Brewery In Gilpin?

10. Which Was Formerly Built as a Bank?

11. Is Black Hawk The First Casino Capital of Colorado?

12. Is Nevadaville A Ghost Town?

13. Madam Lou Bunch Day Celebrates a ______

14. Whose Face Is Drawn On Barroom Floor?

15. Which Bar In Central City Colorado Has an Arcade?