Things You Never Heard about the Longest Street in America

Julia | 30 - 05 - 2021

You might have heard a lot about Colorado, but how many of you are aware that Colorado is the home to the longest commercial street in the U.S.A? Yes, it is Colfax Avenue, The longest street in America. How well do you know about this notorious Denver street? Play “The longest street in the United States quiz” now and discover more amazing details about Colfax avenue’s history.   

1. How Long Is Colfax Ave?

2. When Was Colfax Avenue Built?

3. Where Does the Colfax Start and End?

4. The Famous Colfax Avenue was Named After?

5. What Is the Longest Street in the World?

6. Name the Richest Street in America?

7. Name the Longest Street in the United States?

8. Where Is Colfax Avenue Located in the United States?

9. Colfax Avenue Was Originally Called Golden Road.

10. Colfax Avenue Is Also a Part of the U.S Route 40 Highway.

11. Colfax Avenue Was Designated a Colorado Heritage Corridor by the State Government.

12. Colorado Mills Shopping Center Was Built in the Year 2002.

13. Colfax Avenue Has Been Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

14. It Is One of the First Paved Automobile Roads in Denver.

15. By Which Year Colfax Marathon Took Place?