Fourteener Mountains In Colorado Facts

Ashley | 28 - 05 - 2021

What are fourteeners? Play to discover the fascinating facts about the mountains in Colorado. 

America is home to 96 mountains and 58 of them are in Colorado that is colloquially known as fourteeners because every single peak is more than 14000ft above sea level. The “Fourteeners in Colorado Facts” cover every single detail about the Rocky Mountain West of America. 

One of the interesting facts about Colorado’s 14ers is that they are open to driving, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and other fun activities to feed your adrenaline thirst.

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6. Which Mountain Range Has Only One Peak over 14000 Feet?

7. What Is the Shortest Fourteener Peak at 14001 Feet?

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9. What Is the Tallest Peak in Colorado?

10. How Tall Is Mount Elbert?

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12. What Is the Smallest 14er in Colorado Officially?

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