Fascinating Royal Gorge Bridge Facts That You May Not Know

Elmira | 24 - 05 - 2021

It is time to test your Colorado state knowledge with our interactive Royal Gorge Bridge quiz. This bridge is one of the top attractions of Colorado, which has a theme park. The Royal Gorge Bridge once held the record for the world’s highest bridge. This bridge was also recognized as the highest suspension bridge in the world for almost 75 years. In the Royal Gorge facts quiz, we include information about Royal Gorge Bridge construction, its length, wildfire destruction, and more. If you are interested to know more about Royal Gorge Bridge facts, you should take our fun quiz which helps expand your knowledge. Challenge yourself with our exciting trivia questions to uncover the important Royal Gorge facts. 

1. What Is the Tallest Bridge Above Water in the United States?

2. When Was the Royal Gorge Bridge Built?

3. What River Is under the Royal Gorge Bridge?

4. How Long the Royal Bridge Held the Record of the World’s Highest Suspension Bridge?

5. How Long Is Royal Gorge Bridge?

6. Why Was the Royal Gorge Bridge Built?

7. How Deep Is the Royal Gorge?

8. What Kind of Bridge Is the New River Gorge Bridge?

9. Who Owns the Royal Gorge Bridge?

10. How Long Did It Take to Construct the Royal Gorge Bridge?

11. What Is the Highest Bridge in North America?

12. How Many Workers Died Building the Royal Gorge Bridge?

13. When Was the Bridge Refurbished?

14. Who Built the Royal Gorge Bridge?

15. When Did a Wildfire Nearly Destroy the Royal Gorge Bridge?