Take Our Most Engaging Colorado Crush Quiz Online

Elmira | 18 - 05 - 2021

Do you think you are well-versed in all the football teams? Participate in our latest Colorado Crush trivia to see how well you do. Prove that you are a true football fan by challenging yourself with our engaging Colorado Crush trivia questions. The Colorado Crush was recognized as a professional indoor football team and also considered an Arena Football League team. They started to play in 2007 as the Colorado Ice and became an expansion member of United Indoor Football (UIF.) The team played their home games at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. The Colorado Crush played as a member of the Central Division of the American Conference till AFL withdrew its operations in 2009. If you are curious to find more about this Arena Football League team, our Colorado Crush quiz is perfect.

1. When Was Colorado Crush Founded?

2. Who Owns Colorado Crush?

3. Who Is the Head Coach of Colorado Crush?

4. Colorado Crush Was Also Called ____________.

5. When Did the Colorado Crush Enter as an Application for Expansion to the Arena Football League?

6. When Did Crush Begin to Play as the Colorado Ice?

7. Can You Guess Which of the Following Is Not a Crush Player?

8. What Is the Name of the Colorado Crush’s Mascot?

9. Colorado Crush Used to Play in the Central Division of the American Conference.

10. Where Crush Played Their Home Games?

11. Did Colorado Crush Win Arenabowl?

12. In Which City Colorado Crush Is Based In?

13. Who Was Crush’s Division Rival during the American Conference Championship?

14. What Is Colorado Crush Team Color?

15. How Many Times Has Crush Reached the Playoffs?