Try Out This Surpassing Colorado Avalanche Quizzes Now

Iris | 17 - 09 - 2020

Need a better insight about your favourite Ice hockey team. Do you feel that you still lack information about your favourite Avalanche player? Then it’s time to enhance your knowledge by playing Colorado Avalanche quizzes. Share your score with your friends and let them know how passionate you are with Colorado Avalanche.

1. What Was the Name of the Newspaper That Leaked the Name ROCKY MOUNTAIN EXTREME?

2. Who Won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy as the NHL’s Leading Scorer?

3. Which Year Quebec Nordiques Was Relocated to Denver, Colorado?

4. How Many Games Have They Won in a Row?

5. What Was the Colorado Avalanche’s Alternate Logo in the Year of 1995-2005?

6. Who Is the Current Coach of Colorado Avalanche?

7. Joseph Steven Sakic Won Which Award in the Year of 1996?

8. In 2001, the Colorado Avalanche Won Their Second Stanley Cup by Defeating Which Team in the Finals?

9. In 1977, When the Colorado Avalanche Was Facing a Financial Issue Which Brewery Invested and Bought the Majority of the Team Share?

10. The WHA Was Formed in 1971, and the Charter Franchise Was Allowed to 10 Cities. How Many Franchises Moved before the Inaugural Season?

11. Who Was the Coach When the Colorado Avalanche Won Their First-Ever Stanley Cup in the Year 1996?

12. On October 6, 1995, with Whom the Colorado Avalanche Played Their First Game in the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver?

13. How Many Times Has Peter Mattias Forsberg Won the Viking Award?

14. When and with Whom Adam David Vernon Foote Played His Last Game?

15. How Many Team Trophies Has the Colorado Avalanche Won?