Denver Broncos Trivia Quiz for a True Broncos Fan!

Vannessa | 01 - 10 - 2020

There’s no way a true Denver Broncos fan can miss out on this fun Denver Broncos trivia. Being Colorado’s professional football team in the National Football League, the Broncos have an impeccable record of wins in NFL’s. Attempt our Denver Broncos quiz to know more about the team, its epic players, the significance of its jersey colors, championships won, etc right here on Trivia Sharp. Be a pro by learning our Denver Broncos trivia questions and answers.

1. Which Division Does the Denver Broncos Play For?

2. What is the Nickname of the Denver Broncos team?

3. Who Owns the Denver Broncos?

4. When Were the Broncos Founded?

5. How Many NFL Championships Has the Denver Broncos Won?

6. Which Hollywood Actor Became the First Male Cheerleader to the Denver Broncos?

7. How Many Super Bowl Championships Have the Broncos Lost?

8. In Which Year Did the Broncos Win the First Super Bowl?

9. What Position Does Von Miller Play?

10. Who Is the Coach of the Broncos?

11. What Are the Current Uniform Colors of the Denver Broncos?

12. Which Broncos Player Has Hit the Most Goals?

13. Who Led the Broncos During Their First Super Bowl Win?

14. Who Is the Highest Paid Denver Broncos Player in History?

15. When Did the Broncos Last Win the Super Bowl?