Do You Know These Interesting Facts About Colorado?

Ashley | 20 - 05 - 2021

Every state in America has its official state nickname, and you can explore them all at TriviaSharp. Try to win this trivia quiz on the interesting facts about Colorado right now.

Do you know that Colorado turned down the opportunity to host the Olympics? Entertain yourself with the Colorado fun facts game, and you will stumble upon a few strange facts about Colorado as well.

The Centennial State of America is home to 5.8 million Americans and offers a diverse and beautiful landscape from arid deserts to snowy mountains. Discover the top 20 Colorado facts with this quiz.

1. When Did Colorado Become a State?

2. What Is the Area of Colorado?

3. How Many People Live in Colorado?

4. How Many States Border Colorado?

5. Why Is Colorado Called the Centennial State?

6. Which Is the Oldest Town in Colorado?

7. Which Is the Largest City in Colorado?

8. How Big Is Denver?

9. What Is the State of Colorado Known for?

10. Which Is the Largest Tribal Group in Colorado?

11. Which Is the Coldest Month in Colorado?

12. Which Is the Wettest Month of the Year in Colorado?

13. Which Is the Snowiest Month in Colorado?

14. Which Two States Border Colorado on the North?

15. Which Is the Highest Peak in the Rocky Mountains?

16. Colorado Is Home to the World’s Deepest Hot Springs

17. What Is the Elevation of Pagosa Springs Colorado?

18. Which Colorado City Is Known as the “Richest Square Mile on Earth”?

19. Which City in Colorado Turned Down the Olympic Bid?

20. Cheeseburger Was Invented In Colorado