Cypress Gardens Trivia Quiz

Ashley | 10 - 05 - 2021

Do you know that the famous 1954 movie ‘Easy to Love’ by Esther Williams was filmed in the famous Cypress Gardens in Florida? To know Cypress Gardens facts such as famous movies filmed at Cypress gardens play this quiz immediately.

Apart from facts, this interesting Cypress Gardens trivia quiz also discovers the history of the Cypress Gardens in Florida in a fun, exciting, and informative way.

1. Who Founded The Cypress Gardens?

2. Was Pope The Father of Florida Tourism

3. When Was Cypress Gardens Founded?

4. How Much Did Legoland Pay for Cypress Gardens?

5. What Movie Was Filmed at Cypress Gardens?

6. What Was the First Amusement Park in Florida?

7. What Did Legoland Replace?

8. Which Is The Biggest Tree In Cypress Gardens?

9. Is The Botanical Garden Still Standing?

10. The Southern Belles Were Positioned in Such a Way to Hide _____

11. How Did Florida Become the Water Ski Capital of the World?

12. How Many Rides Did Cypress Gardens Amusement Park Have?

13. Which Hurricane Delayed the Opening of the Park?

14. What Was Cypress Gardens Waterpark Called?

15. What Was the Shape of the Pool In Cypress Gardens?