15 Everglades Facts You Ought to Know

Ashley | 28 - 04 - 2021

You will know why there is so much weird and bizarre news about Florida once you play this Everglades trivia quiz and uncover the hidden Everglades facts behind this natural wonder. 

Everglades is one of the largest subtropical wetlands in the U.S and the Everglades National Park makes only 20% of the entire swamp. Get more information about this natural wonder through the Everglades National Park quiz.

Are you ready to play the Everglades trivia quiz?

1. When Was the Everglades National Park Established?

2. Where Are the Everglades in Florida?

3. How Old Are the Everglades?

4. The Everglades Consists of the Largest _______

5. Which Trail Is the Best for a Scenic Drive in the Everglades?

6. How Deep Is the Water in the Everglades?

7. Can You Go for a Swim in the Everglades?

8. Do Sharks Live in the Everglades Water?

9. How Many Bodies Are Found In the Everglades?

10. What Is the Largest Python Caught in the Everglades?

11. Which Is the Largest Forest in the World?

12. What Was the Original Size of the Everglades?

13. How Much Has the Everglades Shrunk?

14. When Did the Everglades Start to Become Smaller?

15. How Many Season are There in the Everglades?