Do You Know These National Historic Landmarks in Florida?

Emma | 27 - 10 - 2020

Florida is well known for its amusement parks and winter vegetables but do you know their national historic places? Here are few of the most impressive historical landmarks in Florida that you will be excited to know about. If you are planning to visit Florida, then you should definitely add these national Florida landmarks to your bucket list. Check out our Florida national historic landmark quiz to know more.

1. Where Is Bok Tower Gardens Located?

2. Which Fort Was Built during the War of 1812?

3. The Cathedral of St. Augustine Is Located In?

4. What Is the National Historic Landmark Located in Citrus?

5. How Many Landmarks Are in Florida?

6. How Many National Historic Landmarks Are There?

7. What State Has the Most Historical Landmarks?

8. Can a National Historic Landmark Be Torn Down?

9. What Is the Smallest Landmark in the World?

10. Which Landmarks in State Park Are the Oldest in America?

11. What Is the Oldest House in St. Augustine?

12. What Is the Luxury Hotel Built in the Year 1926?

13. What Is the First National Wildlife Refuge in the United States?

14. What Is the Most Visited City in Florida?

15. What Is the Oldest City in Florida?

16. Where Is Mary Mcleod Bethune Home Located?

17. Where Is Llambias House National Landmark Located?