Take Our Interesting Miami Marlins Trivia Quiz Online

Elmira | 12 - 05 - 2021

Think you know everything about the American professional baseball team? Challenge yourself with our latest Miami Marlins trivia quiz to test your sports knowledge. The Miami Marlins are known as one of the best American professional baseball teams, located in Miami, Florida, United States. If you are interested to learn more about Marlins, you should take our engaging and informative Miami Marlins quizzes online. In Miami Marlin’s facts, we have rounded up facts about team achievements, best players, why the team has changed its name, and their contribution to the World series. Play our fun and enjoyable Miami Marlins quiz to stay up to date about the team. 


1. When Did the Florida Marlins Become the Miami Marlins?

2. Who Scored the Winning Run in the 1997 World Series?

3. Who Owned the Florida Marlins?Mark Attanasio

4. How Many World Series Have the Marlins Won?

5. Where Do the Miami Marlins Play?

6. The Miami Marlins Play in Which Major League Division?

7. What Are the Official Team Colors of the Miami Marlins?

8. What Is a Popular Nickname of the Miami Marlins?

9. What Is the Name of the Stadium Where the Marlins First Played In?

10. Jeff Torborg Was Replaced by ______________player in 2003.

11. Who Was the First Marlins Pitcher with 20 Wins in a Season?

12. Which Marlin Player Won the 2017 NL MVP?

13. Who Did the Marlins Beat in the 2003 World Series?

14. When Were the Miami Marlins Founded?

15. What Year Did the Marlins Win the World Series?