Only a True Disney Fan Can Answer This Walt Disney World Quiz

Iris | 22 - 10 - 2020

If you are a Disney person then you must be familiar with the small significant secrets about Disneyland. But the astounding Walt Disney World has many unknown hidden secrets which you have to know before getting into the Walt Disney World Trivia. Are you ready to experience the thrilling Disney world trivia quiz ride? Test your theme park knowledge through Walt Disney World quiz.

1. When Did Disney World First Open to the Public?

2. How Much Was the Ticket Price When Disney World Was First Opened?

3. Disney’s Own Buses Are the Third-Largest Bus System in Florida

4. Which Is the Biggest Resort in Disney World?

5. Does Disney World Have Its Own Island?

6. The Twilight Zone Tower of the Terror Hotel is Known as Hollywood Tower.

7. How Tall Is the Christmas Tree in Magic Kingdom?

8. Which Disney Theme Park Opened First?

9. How many unscheduled closures Walt Disney had?

10. Which Food Item Is Most Popular in Disneyland?

11. Which One Is the Fastest Ride in the Walt Disney World?

12. How Tall Is the Spaceship Earth?

13. How Many Gallons of Water Does EPCOT Aquarium Hold?

14. How Many Animals Reside in the Animal Kingdom?

15. Hollywood Studios Were Originally Built as a Working Studio.