Florida Marlins Quizzes Online

Elmira | 23 - 10 - 2020

How much do you know about the Miami Marlins? Challenge yourself with our fun Florida Marlins quizzes and prove it. If you love baseball, you are at the right place to learn some important Miami Marlins facts to expand your knowledge. In the Florida Marlins quiz, you will learn about the popular players of the team, season records, team’s sports history, memorable sporting events, tournaments, and many more. Are you up for the quiz? Play our Miami Marlins quiz to see where you stand.

1. Did the Florida Marlins Change Their Name to Miami?

2. The Florida Marlins are a Famous Football Team.

3. Where Was the Miami Marlins Based?

4. Jeffrey Loria Is No Longer the Owner of the Miami Marlins.

5. When Was the Miami Marlins Founded?

6. When Was Sun Life Stadium Built?

7. Can You Name the Most Notable Baseball Player in Miami Marlins?

8. Where Did Miami Marlins Play Their Home Games?

9. How Many Times the Marlins Have Won a World Series Championship as a Wild Card Team?

10. Joe Robbie Stadium Has Many Names.

11. In Which Year Did the Florida Marlins Defeat the New York Yankees?

12. When Did the Florida Marlins Ever Win a World Series?

13. When Did the Florida Marlins Change Their Name?

14. Who Is the CEO of the Miami Marlins?

15. Who Is Giancarlo Stanton?