Venice of America “Fort Lauderdale” Facts For You

Ashley | 30 - 04 - 2021

Play this interesting trivia and uncover 15 Venice of America “Fort Lauderdale” facts now. From famous beaches, culture, events, gondola rides, to attractive shopping on Las Olas Boulevard know about the complete Fort Lauderdale history. 

Unlike the European Venice, Fort Lauderdale, the Yachting Capital of the World has canals that are completely man-made. Take this trivia to know how the New River Settlement evolved into a beautiful tourist attraction with a sophisticated waterfront lifestyle.

1. How Did Fort Lauderdale Get Its Name?

2. How Did Broward County Get Its Name?

3. How Old Is Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

4. How Many Beaches Are in Fort Lauderdale?

5. What Is the Population of Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

6. What Ocean Is Fort Lauderdale on?

7. How Big Is Fort Lauderdale?

8. How Many Terminals Does FLL Have?

9. Are There Any Forts in Fort Lauderdale?

10. How Many Miles of Inland Waterways Does Fort Lauderdale Have?

11. How Many Fort Lauderdales Were There Initially?

12. Who Are the Famous Celebrities Residing in Fort Lauderdale?

13. What Was Fort Lauderdale Known for during the 1960s?

14. What Is Fort Lauderdale Known for as of 2021?