Take Our Ultimate Jacksonville Jaguars Quiz Online

Elmira | 02 - 05 - 2021

Think you know everything about Jaguars? Test your knowledge with the Jacksonville Jaguars quiz. The Jacksonville Jaguars is a well-known professional franchise located in Florida. The team plays in the NFL as a member of the American Football Conference South Division. We have created the most comprehensive and engaging Jacksonville Jaguars trivia quiz that comprises the team’s achievements, team owners, memorable sports events, famous team players, and other important facts that help increase your knowledge. If you want to learn Jacksonville Jaguars facts online, our informative and interactive Jacksonville Jaguars quiz is the best option for you. OurJacksonville Jaguars quiz is ideal for those who love American football.

1. When Was the Last Time the Jaguars Made the Playoffs?

2. Who Was the First Jacksonville QB to Pass for over 4,000 Yards in a Season?

3. When Did the Jacksonville Jaguars Start?

4. Who Was the First Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars?

5. Who Was the Quarterback for the Jaguars in 1999?

6. Who Was the Inaugural Coach of the Jaguars?

7. How Many Super Bowls Have the Jacksonville Jaguars Won?

8. When Did Jaguars Begin to Play as an Expansion Team along with the Carolina Panthers?

9. What Was the Only Team That Beat the Jaguars in 1999?

10. Who Owns Jacksonville Jaguars?

11. How Much Are the Jacksonville Jaguars Worth?

12. What Is the Name of the Stadium Where the Jacksonville Jaguars Play?

13. Which Jaguar Player Was So Popular That He Had a Burger Named after Him?

14. When Did the Jacksonville Jaguars Join the NFL?

15. What Nationality Is the Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan?