How Much Do You Know Hawaii Islands? Take Our Quiz

Elmira | 15 - 09 - 2020

Are you ready to take a fun Hawaii islands quiz? It is time to challenge yourself with our interesting Hawaii quiz games to see how well you perform. Our Hawaii islands quiz questions talk about interesting facts about the state, famous tourist attractions, entertainment, beaches, volcanoes, and more. Browse TriviaSharp to play these enjoyable trivia questions about Hawaii islands which help to improve your knowledge. You can share trivia questions with your friends and family.

1. How Many Islands Are in the Hawaiian Chain?

2. What Is Hawaii's National Sport?

3. How Many Alphabets Does the Hawaiian Language Have?

4. How Many Official Languages Does Hawaii Have?

5. When Did Hawaii Ban Plastic Bags?

6. Which US State Was the First to Grow Coffee Commercially?

7. There Are No Billboards in Hawaii Islands.

8. What Is Illegal in Hawaii?

9. Are All Beaches Public in Hawaii?

10. Which Celebrity Was Born in Hawaii?

11. Which One of the Places Is Not Located in Hawaii?

12. What Is Kilauea?

13. Is Mauna Kea the Tallest Mountain in the World?

14. How Many Volcanoes Are There in Hawaii?

15. Which of the Beaches Is Located in Hawaii?