How Well Can You Answer This Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Football Quiz?

Ashley | 21 - 09 - 2020

Are you a Hawaiian and want to learn more about the famous Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football? We are here to help you out. TriviaSharp offers Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football quizzes that are well-designed to teach you many unknown and unique information. If you are a true Hawaii Rainbow Warriors football fan, you can also answer this quiz to test your knowledge. Play our Hawaii Rainbow Warriors quiz right away!

1. Who Is the Head Coach of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Football in 2020?

2. In Which Year the Team Adopted the Nickname ‘the Rainbow Warriors’?

3. In Which Year Did the Rainbow Appear over the Moiliili Field after the Win of Hawaii over Oregon?

4. When Was Chevan Cordeiro Born?

5. Which Role Does Michael Eleties Play in Hawaii Rainbow Warriors?

6. What Is the Position of Jade Smart in Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

7. Which of the Following Players Is the Graduate of Corona Centennial High School in Corona?

8. Which of the Following Players Were Born in ‘Ewa Beach, O’Ahu.

9. Which of the Following Players Is the Graduate of Apollo High School, Glendale?

10. When Did Clavin Turner Jr. Join the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors Football Team.

11. When Was Steven Fiso Born?

12. What Is the Position of Stan Gaudion in Hawaii Rainbow Warriors?

13. Where Did Bubba WA’a Graduate From?

14. What Is the Major of Joey Nu’Uanu-Kuhi’Iki?

15. What Is the Position of Noa Kamana in Hawaii Rainbow Warriors?