Interesting Quiz on History and Heritage of Hawaii

Vannessa | 23 - 02 - 2021

Are Hawaii Islands on your holiday bucket list? Before you land on this beautiful group of islands, take this quiz to know some interesting facts that will blow your mind. As we all know, Hawaii is an island located a few thousand kilometers from the US.

To know who came first, who made Hawaii the place it is today, what in Hawaii attracts tourism, or When was Hawaii discovered, and by whom? This quiz will urge you to book your next air ticket to Hawaii. It will be worth your time!

1. How Did Humans Get to Hawaii?

2. Who Were the First People in Hawaii?

3. When Did Polynesians Discover Hawaii?

4. Beginning in 1820, Which Group of People Helped the Hawaiians?

5. How Did Polynesians Find Hawaii?

6. What Was Hawaii Called When Europeans First Discovered It?

7. When Was the Kingdom of Hawaii Established?

8. When Was the First Sugar Plantation Built?

9. Who Was the Last Ruling King/Queen of Hawaii?

10. When Was the Republic of Hawaii Formed?

11. What Are the Natives of Hawaii Called?

12. Who Was the First Pilot to Fly Solo from Hawaii to Mainland UA?

13. Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbour Happened in Which Year?

14. In Which Order Did Groups from the United States First Settle in Hawaii?

15. The Only Native Mammal Present in the Hawaiian Islands before Man Arrived Was