Idaho Trivia

Idaho the Gem State of U.S.A is located in the Pacific Northwest region of America. Idaho is the 14th largest and the 12th least crowded state in the U.S. Apart from it's potato production, Idaho is known for its beautiful scenery and a robust economy. Idaho is a state wrapped in mystery. To unwrap the mystery visit Trivia Sharp and have fun reading our fun facts about Idaho and also make sure to attend Idaho trivia questions and answers and we also have current events trivia quiz to maximize your potential in learning.

Idaho History Trivia

For many years, Idaho was claimed by both the United States and Britain and it wasn't even called Idaho before 1860 as Congress dubbed the land the Colorado Territory. In 1853 Idaho became a part of the Washington Territory. Later in the early 1860's, gold and silver were discovered which led to the establishment of separate Idaho territory all it's own in 1863 and signed the Oregon Treaty of 1846 to officially become a U.S territory.

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Idaho Geography Trivia

Idaho borders the state of Montana to the east and northeast, Wyoming to the east, Nevada and Utah to the south, and Washington and Oregon to the west. With an abundance of scenic mountains, lakes, rivers and outdoor attractions, the state draws more than 20 million tourists each year. Idaho is home to two different time zones which are the Mountain Time Zone and the Pacific Time Zone. To know a lot more about Idaho geography trivia and incredible natural wonders visit Trivia Sharp and also attend our Idaho geography quiz to boost your IQ with general knowledge.

Idaho Sports Trivia

Hunting, fishing, golf, skiing, baseball and football enjoy great popularity in Idaho.Since the 1970s Idaho Falls and Boise football team which is frequently a powerhouse had minor league baseball franchises. And also Idaho possesses the best known athletes including Famer Harmon Killebrew and Picabo Street. For more information visit Trivia Sharp where you can find Idaho sports trivia and attempt Idaho sports quizzes like golf trivia quiz and a lot more.

Idaho Facts and Trivia

Idaho is referred to as the Gem State because one can find nearly 72 types of precious stones in the state. And the state grows nearly one-third of America’s potatoes. Idaho city seal is the only seal in the United States designed by a woman. There are many fascinating facts of Idaho state which you should know. Play Idaho trivia facts and have fun learning. 

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