Illinois Trivia

Discover fun facts about Illinois and play interesting trivia games to test your knowledge. Illinois is a midwestern state of the United States. Its popular slogan is the “Land of Lincoln '' because the the16th president Abraham Lincoln lived in the state for 31 years. Today tourists can see Lincoln’s house and his tomb in Springfield. Take our Illinois quiz and gain more knowledge. We also provide mind-blowing facts about the state. Illinois state trivia covers its history, geography, sports, and more. We have the best Illinois trivia questions with answers.

Illinois History Trivia

Are you looking for Illinois history facts? We offer accurate information about the state and you can test your knowledge with Illinois history trivia questions and answers. The name Illinois came from the Native American tribes (including the Miami and the Illiniwek) and they lived on the land when Europeans explored the place. If you're a fan of history, you should read our fascinating blogs about the history of the state. Take our Illinois history trivia quiz to expand your general knowledge. Did you know? The first visitors to Illinois were the French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette in 1673. In the Illinois history quiz, you will) learn how Illinois became a territory of the US, its 13th Amendment to the Constitution, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the first modern skyscraper, and much more. Test your history knowledge with Illinois history trivia questions and answers.

Illinois Geography Trivia

Find the most fascinating facts about the state and check with our Illinois trivia quiz. Illinois is bordered by Wisconsin in the north, Kentucky and Missouri in the south, Iowa in the west  and Lake Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky in the east. Illinois is divided into three regions. It has a nickname “the Prairie State.” Before Springfield, Illinois had two other state capitals, Kaskaskia and Vandalia. We have an Illinois county quiz, along with information on Illinois's government, economy, culture, major cities, points of interest, state map and flag, famous residents, state motto, symbols, and more. Read about Illinois’s farmland, forests, rolling hills and wetlands, Nuclear Power and take our fun Illinois geography quiz to know where you stand. Trivia Sharp helps to build your knowledge with interesting facts about Chicago, the largest city and it’s the neo-Gothic Tribune Tower, Willis Tower, and also study about its skyscrapers. Are you ready to take Illinois geography trivia? Play Illinois state facts and trivia to test your knowledge.

Illinois Sports Trivia

Want to test your sports knowledge? Play Illinois sports quiz games now. Illinois people are fans of baseball, ice hockey, and football. Chicago has many professional sports teams. It is one of ten United States to have the five major American professional team sports such as baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball. Our Illinois sports quiz covers information about Major League Baseball teams, NBA basketball teams, and more. The professional American football Chicago Bears are based in Chicago, Illinois. Read our unknown Illinois Sports Facts and take fun Illinois sports trivia to expand your sports knowledge.

Illinois Facts and Trivia

Want to learn  surprising facts about Illinois; you are at the right place. Illinois official snacks is popcorn that is served with two famous Chicago styles- caramel-covered popcorn and cheese-covered popcorn. Did you know? The first McDonald's was established in Des Plaines. Illinois has the world's largest bottle of catsup. You can find the world’s largest pinball machine and a miniature castle in Chicago’s Museum of Science. Discover more information about the famous folks that include civil rights activist Carol Moseley Braun and Hillary Clinton, ad women’s rights activist Betty Friedan U.S. representative, and the First Lady Michelle Obama.

Learn about the celebrities who hail from the state of Illinois. Test your celebrity knowledge with our fun celebrity trivia. Every sports lover should try our MLB trivia games to put your sports knowledge to the test. Do not miss our most interesting invention trivia to increase your general knowledge. We have covered all the information about the state Illinois. If you have any questions or doubts,  mention them in the comment section.