What Is Indiana Famous For? 15 Surprising Facts

Ashley | 17 - 12 - 2021

What is Indian famous for? Why is the Hoosier State of America a must-visit in your travel plans? Play this quiz to find out fun Indiana facts like the rich neighborhoods, corn mazes,  its 150-year-old culture, traditions, and more. 

From Indianapolis to Elkhart, traverse the entire stretch of the state with this quiz to reveal 15 interesting facts about Indiana and why they are called the Hoosier state. Find out their famous culinary innovations and more with just a click of your finger. 

Will you be able to score 15/15 in this Indiana facts trivia?

1. What Are 3 Things Indiana Is Famous For?

2. What Is Indiana Famous for?

3. What Is Muncie, Indiana Famous For?

4. What Is French Lick, Indiana Famous For?

5. What Is Fort Wayne, Indiana Famous For

6. What Is Gary, Indiana Famous For?

7. What Is Carmel, Indiana Famous For?

8. What Is Elkhart, Indiana Famous For?

9. What Is Indiana Most Famous For?

10. What Is Crown Point, Indiana Famous For?

11. Which of These Brands Were Invented in Indiana?

12. What Sport Is Indiana Famous For?

13. What Is the Number One Attraction in Indiana?

14. What Is the Nickname of Indiana?

15. Why Is Indiana Called Crossroads of America?