Interesting Facts about Lake Monroe That You should Know

Elmira | 24 - 12 - 2021

Think you are well-versed in Indiana state? Lake Monroe is one of the famous lakes, located in Southeast Bloomington, Indiana, United States. It covers most of Monroe County, with the remaining in Brown County. It is also called Monroe Reservoir and is considered the largest man-made body of water in the state. What is underneath Lake Monroe? If you want to learn about when the lake was formed, its depth and other interesting information, take our latest quiz on interesting facts about lake Monroe to expand your knowledge. You can share this engaging Monroe Lake quiz with your friends to see who scores more points.

1. When Was Monroe Lake Built?

2. Monroe Lake Is the Largest Man-made Body of Water in Indiana.

3. How Deep Is Lake Monroe?

4. Who Built Lake Monroe?

5. Where Is the Deepest Spot of Lake Monroe?

6. What Fish Are in Lake Monroe, Indiana?

7. What Is the Water Temperature at Lake Monroe?

8. What Is Under Lake Monroe?

9. What Was the Purpose of Building Lake Monroe?

10. What Are the Best Places Near Lake Monroe, Indiana?

11. In Which County is Monroe Lake Located?

12. Can You Go Fishing In Lake Monroe?

13. Is Morse Lake Clean?

14. How far is Lake Monroe from Louisville Kentucky?

15. Dogs Are Not Allowed in Monroe Lake.