Let’s Take a Walk Down Indiana’s History Timeline

Ashley | 29 - 01 - 2022

Are you a history geek? Get to know the historic events that happened in Indiana with our very own Indiana history timeline. 

Find out why the Native Indians preferred the French ruling them over the British. Discover why the state is called Indiana and who a Hoosier is with the quiz below. Click on the option to reveal the reason behind each correct answer now. Refresh your memory with a quiz on Indiana history topics. 

We have everything covered for you with just a click. Explore the Land of Indians, know about the French and Indian War, and other interesting Indiana history facts in minutes.   

1. What Does Indiana Stand For?

2. When Was Indiana Found According to Indiana’s History Timeline?

3. Why Are People from Indiana Called Hoosiers?

4. What Was Indiana Called Before It Became a State?

5. Why Is Indiana Historically Important?

6. Which of These Historical Events Occured in Indiana?

7. Which Native American Tribes Are in Indiana?

8. What Was the First City in Indiana?

9. Did Indiana Face Bankruptcy?

10. Where Was the First Professional Baseball Game Played?

11. When Did the First Indianapolis 500 Auto Race Take Place?

12. When Were the Last Native Americans Ordered Out of Indiana?

13. Did the First Train Robbery in the Us Occur in Indiana?

14. Where Is Indiana Historical Society (IHS) Situated?

15. How Many Times Has Indiana’s Capital Changed?