Can You Score 15/15 on This Borg-Warner Trophy Quiz?

Elmira | 18 - 10 - 2021

The Borg-Warner Trophy is every auto racing drivers’ dream. How much do you know about the world’s most iconic sports trophy? Participating in our latest quiz on ‘importance of indy 500 trophy’ to increase your knowledge. Every year, the Indianapolis 500 winner receives a Borg-Warner Trophy. The automotive supplier BorgWarner approved the trophy. The trophy is kept at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum in Speedway, Indiana. The trophy was first introduced in a 1936 dinner hosted by old Speedway owner Eddie Rickenbacker. It was officially announced as the annual prize for Indy 500 winners. The trophy was first given at the 24th annual 500-miles race. Louis Meyer received the trophy, making him the first recipient to earn the trophy. Uncover more facts about the Indy 500 through our Indianapolis racing event quiz.

1. What Is the Name of the Indy 500 Trophy?

2. What Is the Indy 500 Trophy Made Of?

3. How Much Is the Indy 500 Trophy Worth?

4. How Heavy Is the Indy 500 Trophy?

5. Who Sponsors the Indy 500 Trophy?

6. When Did the Borg-Warner Automotive Company Initiate the Design of the Indy 500 Trophy?

7. When Was the BorgWarner Team Owner’s Trophy Established?

8. Who Designed the Borg-Warner Trophy?

9. How Tall Is the Indy 500 Trophy?

10. The Championship Team Owner’s Trophy Awarded To________.

11. In Which Movie Borg-Warner Trophy Appeared?

12. Indianapolis Was Commonly Known as the 500

13. Where Is the Borg-Warner Trophy Placed on Display?

14. Who Currently Holds the Trophy?

15. Who Owns the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?