Interesting facts about Indy Eleven

Julia | 28 - 12 - 2021

As we all know Indy Eleven is a professional soccer team based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Major League Soccer (MLS) is the highest level men’s professional soccer league, sanctioned by US Soccer and among them Indy Eleven ranks fourth place. To know more facts about Indianapolis go through our quiz. Play our exciting quiz to discover more hidden facts about Indy Eleven. 

1. Who Owns Indy Eleven?

2. Where Is Indy Eleven Located?

3. The Famous Soccer Team Indy Eleven Was Founded In_____.

4. Does Indy Eleven Have a Checkered Background in Its Emblem?

5. The Name and Club Colors Were Officially Announced to the Public On _____.

6. In Which of the Following Years Did Indy Eleven Win the NASL Spring Championship?

7. Who Is the Head Coach of Indy Eleven?

8. What Does “Eleven” in Indy Eleven Represent?

9. Where Do Indy Eleven Play Their Home Games?

10. Indy Eleven Played Their First Game against Which Team?

11. Who Was the First Player Signed to the Team Indy Eleven?

12. How Long Is an Indy Eleven Game?

13. Indy Eleven Announced Their Move Back to Its Original Home Stadium in February 2021.

14. Indy Eleven Is Fourth in American Soccer’s Team.

15. How Many Soccer Teams Are There in the United States?