Everything About Indiana Hoosiers Men’s Basketball

Ashley | 05 - 10 - 2021

The Intercollege team plays for the Indiana University Bloomington and is colloquially referred to as the Indiana Hoosiers Men’s basketball team. The IU Men’s basketball play for the NACC ( National Collegiate Athletic Association) in Division Ⅰ. 

The Indiana University basketball team joined the Big Ten conference on 1st December 1899 after winning 24 NACC national championships. The 2021-2022 IU basketball roster consists of Xavier Johnson, Rob Phinise, Michael Durr, Anthony Leal, Khristian Lander, Michael Shipp, Shaan Burke, Miller Kopp, Nathan Childress, Sebastien Scott, Jordan Geronimo, Trayce Jackson-Davis, Race Thompson, Trey Galloway, Parker Stewart, Logan Duncomb, and Tamar Bates. 

Play the quiz to find out more fun facts.

1. The Big Ten Conference Consists of ____ Teams

2. What Is a Hoosier as in Indiana Hoosiers?

3. When Did IU Last Beat Purdue in Basketball?

4. What Station Is IU Basketball On?

5. Who Is the Head Coach of Indiana Basketball in 2021?

6. How Many IU Players Are in the NBA?

7. What Is the Indiana Rank in NET Basketball?

8. What Is IU’s Winning Streak?

9. What Is Roderick Willmont’s 3- Pointer Record?

10. Who Helped the Hoosiers to Win Over Michigan in the 1976 Big Ten Season?

11. Who Introduced Basketball in Indiana?

12. What Are the Current Achievements of the IU Basketball Team?

13. How Many National Championships Have the Basketball Hoosiers Won?

14. Indiana Has a History of _____

15. Who Was Mentioned in the Book “Season on the Brink”?