Can You Score 15/15 on Indiana State Symbols Quiz?

Elmira | 03 - 10 - 2021

What is Indiana famous for? Every US state has its own history, culture, famous natural places, and state emblems to represent its customs and traditions. Every state’s flag, song, flower, motto, and fruits represent the uniqueness of individual states. What things represent Indiana? The Hoosier State has 13 official state symbols and also designated unofficial and official items. These official emblems were created by an act of the Indiana General Assembly. The Seal of Indiana was the first symbol of the state and was officially adopted in 1801. For many years, Indiana has remained without an official flag. The official banner was created in 1917. In 1955, the state flag was renamed. Do you think you know these Indiana state symbols? Participate in this Indiana state symbols quiz to see if you are well-versed in state symbols.

1. What Is Indiana's State Song?

2. What Is Indiana's Nickname?

3. How Many Symbols Does Indiana Have?

4. What Is Indiana's State Motto?

5. What Is Indiana's State Dessert?

6. What Is Indiana's State Tree?

7. What is Indiana’s State Gem?

8. What is Indiana’s State Food?

9. Name the Indiana State Insect.

10. What Is Indiana’s State Bird?

11. What Is Indiana’s State River?

12. What Is Indiana’s State Flower?

13. When Was Indiana’s Official Flag Adopted?

14. What Is an Indiana State Mammal?

15. What Are the State Aircraft of Indiana?