Can You Score 15/15 on This Walk of Legends, Green Bay Quiz?

Julia | 01 - 10 - 2021

Did you know? Green Bay is the smallest city in the United States to hold a National professional sports team. This city is also known as “The Little City by the Bay,” due to its green streaks which are often spotted in the springtime along the bay. Despite this, there are so many things to do in Green Bay. Walk of Legends, Green Bay, WI is a free, one-mile public art walk away featuring  24 statues to honor the legends of the Green Bay football team. 

1. Is the Walk of Legend a Public Art Gallery?

2. The Statues in the Walk of Legends Are Made Of?

3. The Walk of Legends Is Free and Open to the Public 365 Days a Year.

4. The Statues on the Walk of Legends Educate Viewers about the history of its sponsors.

5. Are the Statues in the Walk of Legends Four-Sided?

6. How Many Statutes Are There in the Indiana Walk of Legends?

7. Who Created the Project “Walk of Legends”?

8. Who Sponsored the Project “Walk of Legends”?

9. Besides Lombardi Avenue, You Can Find Statues on Bart Starr Drive.

10. Some of the sponsors were also the players of Green Bay Football History.

11. Green Bay Packers Are the Most Successful Franchise in Football History.

12. When Was the Green Bay Packers Founded?

13. How Many League Championships Have the Packers Won?

14. How Many Super Bowl Titles Does Green Bay Packers Have?

15. How Many Times the Packers Have Received the 1 Seed?