Kansas Trivia

Looking for ways to know more about Kansas? Our Kansas trivia is the best option for you to know interesting facts, history, geography, sports, demography, and a lot more about the Sunflower State. It is called so because of the abundant growth of wild sunflowers in the state. It is also called as the Wheat State because of its famous hard red winter wheat. With Topeka as the capital, Kansas lies in the midwestern part of the United States. Take up the Kansas quiz to test yourself about this beautiful state and its culture. Not just this, read further and be amused by many other fun facts about Kansas.

Kansas History Trivia

Before you  attempt our Kansas history quiz, here is an outline of the rich culture and tradition of the state briefed in our Kansas history trivia. To begin with, the name Kansas was derived from Kansa meaning ‘people of the south wind’ in Siouan language. It was the 34th free state to join the American union after the Civil War. Under the Wyandotte Constitution, it was declared independent on 29 January 1861. Before this, several indigenous groups such as the Indian tribes, Pawnees, and Osages lived in the territory. Today people who live in Kansas are called Kansans or Jayhawkers. Now that you are aware of the state’s history, get your hands on our Kansas trivia games and rate yourself today! You can also learn about the history of other American states through our US history quizzes.

Kansas Geography Trivia

Our Kansas geography trivia is here with detailed information on the state’s location, climate, and population. Kansas is bordered by Nebraska in the north, Missouri  in the east, Oklahoma in the south, and Colorado in the west. The climate of the state contrasts between extreme summers and cold winters. Kansas, just like the state of Oklahoma, has been affected by numerous tornadoes which earned it the nickname, Tornado alley. The state currently houses a population of 2.9 million. Triviasharp’s geography quiz educates you with more such facts about the state’s flora, fauna, and other natural resources. Kansas’ major rivers include Missouri River, Arkansas River, and Smoky Hill River.

Kansas Sports Trivia

Here’s what we’ve got for you in our Kansas sports trivia!

Kansans are sports enthusiasts. The major sports played in the state are American football (Kansas City Chiefs), baseball (Kansas City Royals), and soccer (Sporting Kansas City). Challenge yourself by cracking our soccer quiz right here on Triviasharp.

 Apart from this, Kansas also has its official basketball team, the Kansas Jayhawkers. If you are interested in taking up the Kansas sports quiz, make it a point to follow TriviaSharp’s sports updates.

Kansas Trivia and Facts

This is our favorite part where we discuss Kansas’ fun facts and trivia. Did you know that Kansas has a grasshopper church? Yes, since it was built during the grasshopper plague, the church received this name. Sounds interesting, right? We’ve listed many such inquisitive Kansas questions and answers in our Kansas quiz section. 

Here’s another fun fact about Kansas! The state also has an official state bug, the honeybee! Educate yourself and your kids about Kansas in the most amusing way possible with our Kansas trivia!