Kentucky Trivia

How well do you know Kentucky state? Read our interesting Kentucky trivia blogs and take Kentucky quizzes to test your knowledge. Kentucky is a U.S state located in the Southern region of the country. The state is known for bourbon, horse racing, coal, moonshine, automobile manufacturing, bluegrass music, college basketball, “My Old Kentucky Home" (historic state park), Kentucky Fried Chicken, and much more. It is home to the Kentucky Derby. Discover more interesting facts and information about Kentucky’s culture, history, geography, sports, famous places, state motto, nicknames, and more. Take our fun Kentucky trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge. If you want to improve your general knowledge about the state, you should play Kentucky trivia quizzes online for free!

Kentucky History Trivia

Looking for a Kentucky history quiz? Take our interesting Kentucky history trivia questions to expand your history knowledge. More than 14,000 years ago, people first landed in the state. The state was home to Fort and Mississippian ancient cultures. In history trivia, you will learn about Native American tribes such as Shawnee, Cherokee, Yuchi, and Chickasaw who lived on the land. In 1774, the first white settlement was discovered. Kentucky was considered a part of Virginia. In 1792 it was announced its own state. During the Civil war, 140,000 people participated in the war. Find more interesting Kentucky historical facts only at Trivia Sharp. Test your history knowledge with our fun Kentucky history trivia questions now.

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Kentucky Geography Trivia

How much do you know about Kentucky geography? It is time to put your knowledge to test with our fun Kentucky geography quiz questions and see how well you do! Kentucky is a southern state bound by the Appalachian Mountains and Virginia in the east, the Ohio River and Indiana in the north, Tennessee to the south, and Missouri and Illinois to the west. The state capital is Frankfort. It was added to the Union as the 15th state on June 1, 1792. Kentucky is the 26th most populous and the 37th most extensive of the US. In Kentucky Geography trivia, you will learn important information about Daniel Boone National Forest, the Appalachian Mountain, the Bluegrass Region, The Pennyroyal region, Mammoth Cave, John James Audubon State Park, and many more. Take our fun Kentucky geography quizzes to increase your knowledge.

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Kentucky Sports Trivia

We offer the best Kentucky derby trivia questions and answers to test your sports knowledge. The state is home to amateur and professional sports in football, horse racing, baseball, soccer, horse shows, ice hockey, and lacrosse. The most popular sport in the state is college basketball. Read Kentucky sports trivia to learn interesting news about Kentucky sports events and popular sports teams. It covers mind-blowing facts about the Kentucky Football League and also about the famous sports teams that include Derby City Thunder, Owensboro Wildcats, Kentucky Wolverines, Kentucky Storm, Kentucky Patriots, and more. If you want to put your sports knowledge to test, play Kentucky basketball trivia for free. You also can share your score and trivia with your friends and family.

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Kentucky Facts and Trivia

We have rounded up the most fascinating facts about Bluegrass State with Kentucky trivia questions and answers. The state is called the horse capital of the world. The popular song “Happy Birthday to You” was written by two Louisville sisters. Did you know? The first American public performance of a Beethoven symphony was held in the state. Discover more surprising facts about Fort Knox, Louisville Slugger Museum, the Kentucky coffee tree, Heather Renee French (The first Miss America from Kentucky), Cumberland, Fleming County, Bluegrass, and more. You can learn important information by taking our fun Kentucky trivia quizzes and see how much you have learned about the state. If you ever plan to visit the state, you Tour the homes of Henry Clay, Bowling Green, Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Paducah, Cumberland Gap, Lexington, and Louisville. Want to learn fun facts about Kentucky? Visit Trivia Sharp now.

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