Louisiana Trivia

Louisiana is a southeastern American state on the Gulf of Mexico and it is commonly referred to as "The Pelican State". Louisiana is named after King Louis XIV, the King of France. Louisiana is known for many things like its festivals, sports, the city New Orleans French Quarter, the state capital building, including the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway which was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest bridge over water in the world.

Louisiana History Trivia

Louisiana became a colony of France in 1682, then was secretly acquired by Spain in 1763 but eventually the land was retained by France.  Later in 1803, the president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France for 15,000,000 USD and doubled the size of his country. Find a great deal of fascinating Louisiana history trivia and amuse yourself by playing Louisiana history quiz.

Louisiana Geography Trivia

Louisiana is bordered by Arkansas on the north, the Gulf of Mexico on the south, Mississippi on the east and Texas on the west. Scientists say that New Orleans, Louisiana is sinking 2 inches per year and if it continues at this rate 33 miles of land will be underwater by 2040. Since Louisiana was Roman Catholic under both France and Spain's rule its counties have been ever since called as parishes. Visit our site to know a lot more about Louisiana geography and attend the Louisiana parishes quiz.

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Louisiana Sports Trivia

 Sports are very popular in Louisiana which is why the state is called "Sportsman's Paradise". The most popular sport statewide is the American football. Other widely held athletic and recreational sports include baseball, basketball, hunting and fishing. Go through Trivia Sharp's Louisiana sports trivia and attend Louisiana sports quiz like baseball trivia quiz, American football trivia quiz and much more like that in respect to be aware of the states passion for sports.

Interesting Fact About Louisiana

Louisiana is the “melting pot” of cultures! From funeral parades to breakfast beignets, Louisiana is all about celebrating the joy of festivals and all good times. Louisiana trivia questions and answers will provide you with all interesting and informative facts. Did you know that Louisiana is named after King Louis XIV of France? Play the Louisiana facts quiz for more exciting trivia.