Maryland Trivia

Referred to as ‘America in Miniature’, Maryland takes pride in holding a diverse range of landscapes and natural resources. Our Maryland trivia and Maryland quiz will enlighten you more on the goodness of the state. Right from fishing to coal mining, there are a plethora of opportunities in Maryland for one to earn a living. This is probably one of the reasons why the unemployment rate in the state is a mere 3.3%. With Annapolis as the capital, Maryland is also  the second most highly educated state in the USA. Wait! We aren’t done yet! Read further for interesting Maryland state facts and trivia.

Maryland History Trivia

Planning to take up a Maryland history quiz? This Maryland history trivia will help you get through it. 

In 1632, this Mid-Atlantic state was chartered to Cecilia Calvert (the II Baron Baltimore) by King Charles I. In fact, Maryland got its name from Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife of Charles. Later, Cecilia and his successors continued to rule the colony of Maryland until it attained official statehood. Further in 1776, The Declaration of Independence was issued making the 13 American colonies including Maryland independent from Great Britain. Today, there are 24 counties in the state which are under the control of a Governor. Don’t forget to attempt our Maryland counties quiz to test your knowledge on the same.

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Maryland Geography Trivia

As mentioned before, Maryland comprises a wide range of terrain from rocky mountains to cascading waterfalls. Geographically, the state is divided into three regions namely the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont Plateau, and the Appalachian Mountains. As far its marine life trivia is concerned, Chesapeake Bay in Maryland is the largest producer of blue crab. Bottlenose dolphins, harbor seals, and humpback seals are the other marine mammals in the Maryland waters. With these vital facts, you are now ready to get your hands on Trivia Sharp’s Maryland geography trivia and Maryland geography quiz, aren’t you?

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Maryland Sports Trivia

All set for Maryland’s sports trivia? Here you go! Football is the most popular sport among Marylanders with two major National Football League teams, the Baltimore Ravens (Baltimore), and the Washington Redskins (Prince George’s County). Check out Trivia Sharp’s NFL football teams quiz to know more about the game. Apart from football, Marylanders are also fond of basketball. Maryland earlier had its own NBA team, the Baltimore Bullets which later moved to Washington as Washington Wizards. This is one of the note-worthy events in Maryland basketball trivia. 

Also play our Maryland sports quiz with your friends for a fun evening.

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Maryland Facts & Trivia

The Internet is flooded with several funny facts about Maryland. Did you know that the world’s first ouija board was found in Baltimore? The state also has an official dessert, the Smith Island layer cake. Sounds fun, right? Moreover, if you are a visitor, Maryland has various tourist spots such as the National Aquarium, Baltimore Museum of Art, Deep Creek Lake, and other culturally rich destinations for a weekend getaway.

We’ve made your learning experience even better with our Maryland trivia quiz which is a  must-try. And, if you still haven’t been to the state or are planning for a trip, make sure you give this article a read to make your travel a great one!

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