Interesting Facts About Michigan Wolverines Basketball

Elmira | 15 - 01 - 2022

Think you are a basketball expert? Participate in our engaging quiz on facts about Michigan Wolverines to see where you stand. Michigan men’s basketball team is a well-known intercollegiate men’s basketball program that mainly represents the University of Michigan. The school plays in home basketball matches at the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor. Michigan won the title of NCAA Championship and also won two National Invitation Tournaments(NIT). The team also received 15 Big Ten Conference titles and two Big Ten Tournament titles. What are the embarrassing facts about the Michigan Wolverines? If you are curious to learn these interesting facts about Michigan Wolverines basketball, you have landed at the right place. In our Michigan Wolverines basketball trivia questions, we have included famous players, their achievements, and the best sports moments. 

1. How Many Times Did Michigan Win the NCAA?

2. Michigan Wolverines Men's Basketball Team Represents Which University?

3. How Many NCAA Championships Does Michigan Have in Basketball?

4. How Many National Championships Has Michigan State Won in Basketball?

5. Who Won the 1989 NCAA Basketball Championship?

6. When Was Mather Was Hired by the University of Michigan as a Coach?

7. What Is the Nickname for the University of Michigan Sports Teams?

8. Which of the Players Played in the Most Games During Their Career for Michigan?

9. This Player Had the Most Rebounds Per Game in Michigan?

10. Who Has the Most Points in Michigan Basketball History?

11. Who Coached Michigan Basketball in 1989?

12. Thompson Holds an East Regional Record With 9 3-point Baskets in That Game.

13. Which Wolverine Player Set a Record for Most Points Per Game in Their Career With 27.1?

14. What Is the Name of Michigan's Basketball Stadium?

15. Which One of the Players Does Not Belong to the Fab Five?