Get to Know the Interesting Facts About Lake Michigan

Emma | 18 - 01 - 2022

Michigan, popularly known as Great State Lakes, is the 26th lake in the United States.  Michigan is the only state to split into two large land segments. The wolverine state is not only famous for fishing but also for various other things. Here we’ve clubbed interesting facts about Michigan state. Play our quiz and get to know interesting facts about lake Michigan, facts about Michigan state university and much more. So why wait? Play our quiz now and plan your trip to Michigan.

 Which City in Michigan Is Known as the Car Capital of the World?

1. Name the Floating Post Office in Michigan.

2. Which City in Michigan Is Known as the Car Capital of the World?

3. World’s Largest Limestone Quarry Is Located in _____.

4. Which Is the Biggest City in Michigan?

5. How Many Counties Are There in Michigan?

6. When Did Michigan Become a State?

7. What Is the Only State With Two Peninsulas?

8. What Is the Meaning of the Word Michigan?

9. What State Has the Longest Freshwater Coastline in the World?

10. Where Is Singing Sand in Michigan?

11. Where Was Kellogg's Founded?

12. How Many Lakes Border the State of Michigan?

13. How Much of Michigan Is Covered With Forests?

14. Can You Sell a Car on Sunday in Michigan?

15. When Can I See Kirtland's Warbler?