15 Michigan State Symbols You Should Definitely Know

Ashley | 12 - 01 - 2022

Are you ready to play a quiz on Michigan State Symbols? We bet only a true Michigander can win this quiz about the spectacular state symbols of Michigan.

Find out the unique history and reason behind each symbol for Michigan with this crisp quiz. Get the answers to all your whys, hows, and whens on the state of Michigan symbols. Rekindle your love for history with TriviaSharp. 

From fossils to wildflowers explore the state symbols of Michigan. Score 15/15 in this interesting quiz about the Wolverine state to boost your knowledge now.  

1. What Is the State Animal of Michigan?

2. What Is the Michigan State Bird?

3. What Is the Michigan State Flag’s Color?

4. What Is Michigan’s Coat of Arms?

5. What Is the State Tree of Michigan?

6. What Is the State Gem of Michigan?

7. What Is the State Flower of Michigan?

8. What Is Michigan’s State Stone?

9. What Is Michigan’s State Fish?

10. What Is the State Reptile of Michigan?

11. What Is the Michigan State Soil?

12. What Is the State Song of Michigan?

13. What Is the Michigan State Fossil?

14. What Is the Michigan State Motto?

15. What Is the State Mascot of Michigan?