Can You Pass Our Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine Quiz?

Iris | 09 - 02 - 2021

Mining is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world. It is the process of extracting the minerals from the earth and also from the seas. Do you know what the top famous mines in the world are? Hull Rust mine is one of the largest mines in the United States. Play our Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine quiz to know about the historical Hull-Rust Mine facts and Hull-Rust Mine trivia.

1. Where Is Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine Located?

2. How Long Is Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine?

3. When the Hull-Rust Mine Was Named as a National Historic Landmark?

4. Since When Hull-Rust Mine Was Operated by Hibbing Taconite Company?

5. Who Was in Charge of the Mine throughout August 2019?

6. The Mine Was Added to the National Register of Historic Places on November 13, 1966.

7. Hull-Rust- Mine Is One of the World’s First Mechanized Open-Pit Mines.

8. When Hull-Rust Mine Was Established?

9. The First Mine on the Mesabi Range Was Discovered in 1890.

10. Currently, Who Is Managing the Hull-Rust Mine?

11. The Oliver Mining Company Also Funded the Construction of New Roads.

12. Totally How Many Tons of Iron Ore Have Been Removed from the Mine Site?

13. The Consolidation of Mine Was Led by the Formation of U.S Steel.

14. Are Tourists Allowed in Hull-Rust-Mahoning Open Pit Iron Mine?

15. How Many Tons of Taconite Has Been Produced Annually?