The Deepest & Darkest Minnesota Lakes Quiz

Ashley | 27 - 07 - 2021

What does the largest lake among the Great lakes hide? Why is it called the state with 10,000 lakes? Play this interesting Minnesota lakes quiz to find out.

There are exactly 11,842 lakes and each lake has its own story to tell. Get to know about the most fascinating facts with these lakes of Minnesota quiz. 

The state which formed a part of the French holding of Louisiana was purchased by the U.S. in 1803 and was named the North Star state by the then Governor. It is also known as the state with the most lakes and forests, Gopher State, and home to the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul. 

Are you ready to play the Minnesota lakes trivia now?

1. How Many Lakes Are There in Minnesota?

2. What Is the Most Common Name for a Lake in Minnesota?

3. What Makes a Lake, a Lake in Minnesota?

4. What Is the Clearest Lake in Minnesota?

5. What Is the Deepest Lake in Minnesota?

6. What Is the Smallest Lake in Minnesota?

7. Which Is the Largest Lake in Minnesota?

8. What Is the Most Beautiful Lake in Minnesota?

9. Which Lake Is Famous for Its Two Woody Islands?

10. Lake Nee-Man-Nee Was Renamed as _______

11. Lake Bde Maka Ska Was Formerly Known as ______

12. Skiing Originated in _______

13. How Many Beaches Does Lake Harriet Have?

14. Which Is the Most Mysterious Place in Lake Superior?

15. Can You Own a Lake in Minnesota?