The MN Wild Record & Minnesota Ice Hockey Facts

Ashley | 21 - 09 - 2021

In search of interesting facts about the Minnesota ice hockey team? The MN Wild record? Search no more because they are all compiled here just for the fan in you!

Here is what this Minnesota ice hockey team quiz is going to cover:

  • Facts about Minnesota Wild hockey club
  • The History of the Team
  • The Minnesota Wild owner info
  • The MN Wild record/Wild hockey record.

Don’t forget to play this quiz on ice hockey pucks.

1. How Many Seasons Did Minnesota Go Without a Team?

2. The Team Was Named ‘Wild’ after _____

3. When Did the Minnesota Wild Start?

4. Who Is the Owner of the Minnesota Wild Ice Hockey Team?

5. When Did MN Wilds Play Their First Game?

6. The Minnesota Ice Hockey Team Made Their First Win against ____

7. Where Do the Wild Play Hockey?

8. How Many Times Has MN Ice Hockey Changed Its Jersey?

9. Which among These Players Have a 13 Bond with the Wild?

10. What Is the MN Wild Record?

11. Who Is the Captain of the Minnesota Wild Ice Hockey Team in 2021?

12. Did Jared Spurgeon Win a Memorial Cup?

13. How Many Head Coaches Have the Wilds Had?

14. Is the Minnesota Wild Ice Hockey Logo an Optical Illusion?

15. Do the MN Wilds Have a Goal Horn?