How Well Do You Know the Minnesota Twins Best Player?

Julia | 19 - 09 - 2021

Winning is a part of this franchise’s history, but that winning culture would not have been established without the great players who have worn the Twins uniform. The Minnesota Twins’ best players have won one American League pennant, four American League West division titles, and six American League Central division titles since the 1961 season. They’ve played in three World Series, winning two of them. Discover more about Minnesota twins’ best players here. 

1. What Are the Minnesota Twins Named After?

2. Who Pitched the First No-Hitter in Twins History?

3. Who Holds the Franchise Record for Stolen Bases?

4. Against Which Team Did the Twins Turn Two Triple Plays in One Game?

5. Which Twins’ Player Played All Nine Positions in a Single Game?

6. Which Twins Player Had at Least One Hit in Every Game of His MLB Career?

7. Which Player’s Career Was Cut Short by Glaucoma?

8. Where Was the Team Originally Located?

9. The Minnesota Twins Was a Sibling of What Team?

10. In Which of the Following Years Did the Twins Win 100 Games in a Season?

11. Which of the Following Twins Have More Career Strikeouts, in a Minnesota Uniform?

12. What Twins Pitcher Set a Record When He Allowed 50 Home Runs in a Season?

13. Who Did the Twins Face in Their First World Series?

14. Which of the Following Was Never a Minnesota Twin?

15. Who Was the First Minnesota Twin to Receive a Season Most Valuable Player Award?