How Well Do You Know the States That Border Minnesota?

Emma | 03 - 08 - 2021

Minnesota is popularly known as the land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota is famous for many special things. It is known for its forest, lakes and it’s also home to twin cities Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Minnesota is located in the north-central U.S on the U.S Canada border. Did you know what states border Minnesota? The states that border Minnesota are North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Lake Superior. Want to know more about the states surrounding Minnesota? If yes, then play our States that border Minnesota quiz now.

1. Where Is Minnesota Located?

2. How Many States Border Minnesota?

3. Which Boundary Does Minnesota Share with Iowa?

4. Which State Borders Minnesota to the East?

5. What number of states was Wisconsin?

6. What States Border Minnesota to the West?

7. Name the Canadian Provinces That Border Minnesota.

8. What Is North Dakota Famous For?

9. Which of the Following States Is Famous for Cheese?

10. Which of the Following Places Shares the Borders with Minnesota and Michigan?

11. South Dakota Is a Heavily Populous State.

12. Lake Superior Is Described as the Most Oligotrophic Lake in the World.

13. South Dakota Is Famous for Its Tourist Attractions

14. Lowa Has Been Sandwiched Between_____ Rivers

15. What Is the Population of Minnesota?