Do You Know These Best Minnesota State Parks?

Elmira | 03 - 08 - 2021

Minnesota is well-known for its marvelous natural landscape of lakes, waterfalls, and forests. If you are a true Minnesotan, challenge yourself with our Minnesota state park quiz to test your knowledge. In this ‘top state parks in MN’ quiz, we have included facts about state parks in southern Minnesota and northern Minnesota state parks. North Star State is home to 66 state parks and nine recreation areas. Which park do you want to visit this year? If you are planning to visit Minnesota, take our engaging quiz on the best Minnesota state parks to plan your next trip.

1. Temperance River State Park Is Located in _______ County.

2. Which Is The Newest State Park in Minnesota?

3. In This Park, Visitors Can Explore Limestone Bluffs and Ravines.

4. How Many State Parks Are There in Minnesota?

5. What Is Minnesota’s Largest State Park?

6. Which Is the Smallest State Park in MN?

7. Which Is the Most Visited State Park in Minnesota?

8. How Many National Parks Are There in Minnesota?

9. How Long Is the Fort Snelling Trail?

10. What Is Minnesota’s Most Popular State Park?

11. When Was Jay Cooke State Park Established?

12. _______ Minnesota’s Oldest State Park.

13. How Many Waterfalls Are There in Tettegouche State Park?

14. How Tall Are Gooseberry Falls?

15. Which State Has the Most State Parks?