Can You Score 15/15 on This North Shore Scenic Drive Quiz?

Ashley | 06 - 02 - 2021

Are you ready to take this fresh and exciting North Shore Scenic Drive quiz? Challenge yourself with our North Shore Scenic Drive trivia questions to know about one of the most loved destinations of Minnesota. Our North Shore Scenic Drive quiz helps you to know about the most interesting facts about the famous tourist attraction and its scenic trails, state parks, historic sites, and the world’s largest freshwater inland port. Play with your friends and have fun. 

1. Who Was the First Explorer to Reach the Lake Superior?

2. When Was the North Shore Highway First Built?

3. The North Shore Scenic Drive Is Also Known As?

4. What Is the Overall Population of Duluth, Minnesota?

5. Two Harbours Are Also Known as Minnesota’s Oldest Working Lighthouse.

6. Is Lake Superior the Largest Freshwater Lake in the World?

7. What Is the Length of the North Shore Scenic Drive?

8. What Is the Length of the North Shore Scenic Drive?

9. Duluth’s Lake Superior Harbor, Also Known As_________________

10. Russ Kendall’s Smoke House Lies in ____________river.

11. Which Is the Most Popular Stop on Minnesota’s North Shore?

12. Which Beach in Minnesota Is Known for Its Black Sand?

13. The North Shore Scenic Drive Provides Access to How Many State Parks?

14. Spring Season Is the Best Season to Visit the North Shore Scenic Drive.

15. Who Organized the Superior National Forest on the North Shore?