Nevada Trivia

Nevada is a state in the western United States. It is filled with flatlands, prickly pears, colorful boulders, desert terrains, and fascinating history. It is the 32nd most populous, the 9th least densely populated, and the 7th most extensive state of the United States. Take a fun Nevada quiz to test your knowledge of the Battle Born State. Read about Nevada State filled with strange rock formations, rich minerals, and quirky landscapes. It is famous for being the oldest site of petroglyphs over 15,000 years old. Play interesting Nevada quizzes online now. Discover top tourist attractions in Nevada that are a mountain park, a major feat of modern engineering, and a historical automobile collection. Nevada is known as the entertainment and the gambling capital of the United States. Uncover mind-blowing Nevada facts and trivia to expand your knowledge.

Nevada History Trivia

Looking for a Nevada history quiz? We have covered the most important historical events of Nevada State. On October 31, 1864, Nevada became the 36th state of US during the Civil War. Learn about the famous Hidden Cave that is home to the oldest skeletons of early men ever to be found within the US. Our Nevada history trivia helps you see what you know about Nevada. The name Nevada came from the Sierra Nevada mountain range, it is a Spanish word meaning “snow-covered." If you want to know what Nevada is famous for, you should read our interesting blog that provides accurate information and Nevada culture facts that help update your general knowledge. Take Nevada trivia questions and answers to find out! 

Nevada Geography Trivia

Discover important information about its climate, scenery, entertainment, gambling, and more. Nevada is the driest state in the US. It has more mountain ranges than any other US state. Discover amazing facts about famous buildings, beaches and other tourist places with the Nevada geography quiz. Nevada is bordered by Idaho to the northeast, Oregon to the northwest, Arizona to the southeast, California to the west, and Utah to the east. The gold is mined in the state more than any other US state. Read about Nevada’s “The Biggest Little City in the World" and take Reno Nevada trivia! If you ever want to visit Nevada, you must check Great Basin National Park, Hoover Dam, and National Automobile Museum and more. Play reno trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge.

Nevada Sports Trivia

Are you a fan of sports? Baseball is one of the popular sports in Nevada. We have the most interesting Nevada sports news and information talks about Basketball, Bowling Sports, Boxing, and Ice Hockey. Nevada sports quizzes talk about popular teams such as Vegas Raiders (American football), Vegas Golden Knights, (hockey), Las Vegas Aces (basketball), Las Vegas 51s (baseball), Las Vegas Lights FC (Soccer), Reno Aces (baseball), Reno Bighorns (basketball), and more to expand your sports knowledge. Nevada is best known for sports resorts. You can also learn the most interesting Nevada sports figures, teams, records, and events in history. If you want to know complete information about Nevada, you should visit Trivia Sharp website and play fun Nevada trivia games.

Nevada Fun Facts

Looking for Nevada fun facts? Learn something new about the state and also take fun Nevada quizzes online. Nevada has many nicknames such as “Battle Born State,” “Silver State” and “Sagebrush State”. We provide important news and information about Nevada State, and it is known for more hot springs than any other US state, with around 300 occurring naturally. On March 19, 1931 gambling was legalized in Nevada. It has the largest gold mining state. Our Nevada fun facts have the best information regarding the longest Morse Code telegram, Pair-O-Dice Club, Tahoe, the largest alpine lake, gambling, and entertainment, most notable attractions, historical automobile collection and more. Take our Las Vegas trivia and find more about big buffets and bigger casinos, hotel information, and gambling facts.

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