New Hampshire Trivia

How much do you know about The Granite State? Take our fun New Hampshire quiz to test your knowledge. New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern US state. The state may be the smallest, but it is known for great duties. Our New Hampshire trivia covers information about the state and its history, geography, sports, famous places, beaches, rivers, monuments, culture, nicknames, and many more. Read our interesting blogs along with fun trivia games so that you can understand the subject easily. In New Hampshire trivia questions, you will learn about Mount Washington, the Revolutionary War, and the state’s contribution, about Franklin Pierce, Major Industries, and many more. Take  New Hampshire trivia questions and answers to expand your knowledge about the state.

New Hampshire History Trivia

Are you ready to learn some amazing facts about New Hampshire? Play our New Hampshire history quiz to increase your history knowledge. We provide the most important information about the state that includes Alan Shepard (the first American in space,) the American Revolution, how New Hampshire became the first state to vote in favor of the Declaration of Independence and so on.  You will also learn how New Hampshire got its name and other interesting facts. In New Hampshire trivia, you will learn Native American tribes that include the Abenaki and the Pennacook, lived in the state. New Hampshire became the first state to announce its independence from England in 1775. If you want to gain more knowledge in history, the New Hampshire history trivia is right for you. History won’t be boring with our fun New Hampshire history trivia!

New Hampshire Geography Trivia

Looking for New Hampshire geographical facts? Play our fun New Hampshire quiz to expand your knowledge. New Hampshire is bound by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Canada in the north, Vermont in the west, and Massachusetts in the south. It is divided into three different regions. It is the 5th smallest state by area and the 10th least populous US state. Our New Hampshire geography quizzes talk about Mount Washington, hilly Merrimack Valley, the coastal lowlands, Mount Monadnock, the hills, and lakes that include Winnipesaukee (the state’s largest lake) and the Connecticut River Valley, and more. Test your knowledge with our fun New Hampshire geography trivia and see how you perform.

New Hampshire Sports Trivia

Do you like professional sports? Take our fun New Hampshire sports quiz to stay up-to-date on sports. New Hampshire people love kickball, softball, basketball, dodgeball, and football. Skiing is known as the official state sport in New Hampshire. If you want to update your knowledge about New Hampshire Sports, Trivia Sharp is the right place for you. In the New Hampshire sports quiz, you will learn about famous athletes, famous sports teams, memorable sporting events, and more. Play our interesting New Hampshire sports quiz online for free!

New Hampshire Facts and Trivia

Enjoy this fun New Hampshire trivia! Discover more mind-blowing facts about New Hampshire and put your knowledge to test with New Hampshire trivia questions. In New Hampshire fun facts you may learn about Daniel Webster, the Karner blue butterfly, New Hampshire’s State House, Levi Hutchins of Concord, Mt. Washington Cog Railway, Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth Harbor Trail, Hampton Beach, Fall Foliage, Kancamagus Highway, Currier Museum of Art and Zimmerman House, Covered Bridge Driving Tour, Woodman Institute and Garrison House and many more. Read interesting New Hampshire state facts to improve your general knowledge. Our New Hampshire state trivia makes learning easy. Challenge yourself with our fun New Hampshire quiz to know where you stand!

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