The Most Popular Concert Venues of New Jersey

Leia Smith | 07 - 01 - 2021

Did you know that you can not only listen to music in concert venues but also watch plays, conduct meetings, enjoy dances, and laugh out loud for standup comedies. New Jersey houses some of the most popular concert venues in America like The Boardwalk Hall Arena, Bergen Performing Arts Center, Wildwoods Convention Center, etc. Our New Jersey trivia talks about these concert venues and much more. Take up the New Jersey concert venue quiz right away.

1. The Boardwalk Hall Arena Is Located in Which City?

2. Which of the Following Is a Popular Theater in Englewood, NJ?

3. Are Dance Classes Offered at the Performing Arts School at BergenPAC?

4. How Many Concerts Are Conducted at the Scottish Rite Auditorium Every Year?

5. When Was the Ocean City Music Pier Constructed?

6. Which of the Following Concert Venues Is Built Overlooking the Beach?

7. _____________ Is the Home of the New Jersey Devils?

8. Which Concert Venue Is Popular for Launching Bon Jovi?

9. Count Basie Theater Is Named after a Famous Actor.

10. The Community Center at Mayo for Performing Arts Is Located in _____________.

11. Which of the Following Concert Venues Was Built by Thomas W. Lamb?

12. ____________ Is a Rock Venue Located on the Corner of Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair.

13. ____________ Was Originally Built as an Auditorium for the Washington Township School.

14. Which of the Following Concert Venues Was Closed Due to Damage from Hurricane Sandy?

15. Which of the Following Is an Amphitheater?