The Ultimate Square Dance Quiz for All the Dancers Out There

Julia | 29 - 01 - 2021

Dancing has been a part of our life since the very beginning. And still, we follow and keep our tradition with us. Among the famous traditional dances, square dancing has a separate place in every person’s heart. If you are one among them then this square dancing quiz is for you. Are you ready for the square dance trivia? Then put on your best outfit and boots to hit the dance floor through our square dance quiz. 

1. Where Was the National Square Dance Convention Held?

2. Which Type of Square Dance Uses up to 30 Calls?

3. Which Instrument Are You Most Likely to Find at a Traditional Square Dance?

4. Square Dance Movements Are Known as Calls.

5. What Type of Clothes Are Worn to Square Dance by Women?

6. How Many Couples Take Part in Hexagon Dancing?

7. Where Did the Square Dancing Originate?

8. What Type of Music Is Typically Associated with Square Dancing?

9. How Many Couples Are Involved in a Square Dance?

10. Which Canadian Province Has Its Own Square Dancing Style?

11. Which One of the Following Cartoon Characters Have Square Danced?

12. Square Dancing Is Taught in School.

13. How Many Steps Are Typically There in One Count?

14. Which Famous Automotive Producer Loves Square Dance?

15. What Is an Allemande?