Discover the Amazing Chinatown New York Facts

Emma | 08 - 04 - 2021

Chinatown is a part of the Manhattan community located in New York City. Chinatown is a home for thousands of Chinese people in the western hemisphere. This Chinatown is one of the oldest Chinese ethnic enclaves, and it is one of the nine Chinatown neighborhoods in new york city. To know more interesting facts about Chinatown, go through our Chinatown new york facts and quiz. Learn more about Chinatown through our quiz. 

1. How Many Chinatowns Are in NYC?

2. When Did Chinatown in New York Establish?

3. Which City Has the Largest Chinatown in the United States?

4. Which US City Has the Largest Chinese Population?

5. Where Was the World's First Chinatown Located?

6. Where Is the Largest Chinatown outside of China?

7. Chinatown Is Located in Which Part of Manhattan?

8. When Did Most Chinese Immigrants Come to America?

9. Which Famous Part of Manhattan Is Located in Chinatown’s Mulberry Street?

10. Which One of the Following NYC Subway Trains Does Not Stop in Chinatown?

11. Name the Most Important Traditional Product That Has Been Sold on Orchard Street?

12. Which One of These Parks Can Be Found in the Western Part of Manhattan Chinatown?

13. Where Is the Oldest Chinatown in the US?

14. Name the Biggest Chinatown in New York?

15. How Many Chinese Are There in NYC?